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Home Party Source

We've all heard of companies like Slumber Parties, Temptation Parties and Passion Parties. All very good companies and leaders in what they do...in-home party planning services that focus on relationship enhancement.

If you have or currently work with one of them, you know their main goal is to recruit downlines. The more downlines you have reporting to you, the more money you can make.

We have a solution for those of you that want to branch out and do your own thing, and make just as much, if not more money.

Our program offers a wider variety products and because you do not have a corporation looking over your shoulder or establishing rules, you can conduct your business the way YOU want to... Offering as many or as few products as you want...No Monthly Limits!.

We have the hottest items from the industry's leading manufacturers such as Doc Johnson, California Erotics and TopCo, as well as many of the same products you are currently selling just under a different name, Sex Fifth Avenue, Body Dew, Silky Sheets.

With our web solution, you can host your parties, leave the client with your website address and they can continue to buy products from you long after the party is over.

The ability to order from the site also helps to overcome shyness and allows the more timid to buy products in the privacy of their own home.

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