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Consider the time you would spend:
  • Locating a dropshipper
  • Getting all the price sheets
  • Getting all the product photos
  • Rescanning the photos that look like crap
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Getting a hosting company
  • Investigating e-commerce software
  • RTFM for the software
  • Building the site itself
  • Uploading the graphics and the text

    What is it worth if you could be up and running in 24 hours from when you said 'Let's do it'?

    Starting at $399* (setup fee includes first month's hosting) and $99/month starting month #2, you get:

    • A domain name of your choosing
    • email addresses and unlimited aliases at your domain
    • Both POP mail and web accessible email (outlook, etc)
    • Integration of a fully operational shopping cart with check out and virtual terminal.
    • Ability to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, checks and debit cards to your merchant account.
    • Complete catalog of products (scanned images, initially priced, descriptions)
    • Unlimited transfer traffic
    • Feedback form for customer input
    • Search engine for your site
    • Daily web traffic reports
    • 24 hour turn around from receipt of paperwork to having a store (in most cases)
    More Details
    For budgeting purposes, TYPICAL COSTS may look something like:
  • $399 one time setup charge to get the site installed and configured.
  • $99 one time setup charge for the payment gateway that integrates to the banking system so you can accept credit cards(not required with a paypal account)
  • $99 monthly charge for hosting, product updates, site maintenance, etc..Starts the second month
  • $24.95 monthly charge for gateway service (real-time credit card processing, etc)(not required with a paypal account)
  • $50.00+ for a design template from a site such as 4 Templates(one time charge)*
  • $100.00 to cover the installation of the template on the site.(one time charge) * *The look and feel of a website is a subjective thing. A professional design can run thousands of dollars and take weeks to create. Templates are an economical alternative to get the site looking great and can be installed quickly so you are selling sooner.

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    *Includes complete site with ability for product and text modifications.
    Other site customizations may incur additional costs.